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Cheyenne Cigars are the #1 Filtered Cigar

Cheyenne International has always celebrated being a leader in the tobacco industry but this year, we have more reason to celebrate. Cheyenne Cigars have captured the #1 spot in the filtered cigar arena, nationwide. We didn’t stop there, however. Not only do we also own the #2 spot, but Cheyenne Cigars claim 40% of the… Read more »

Survey Says…

A picture is worth a thousand words. But when you want to know what your customers think of you, words are even more powerful. We set out to see exactly what our wholesale and retail customers thought of us and the results were incredible. We started by asking our customers to rate their experience when… Read more »

Cheyenne International Brands Get New Websites

At the beginning of 2018, Cheyenne International launched a new corporate look, but that’s not the only new thing we were working on. Ten of our brands got a digital face lift and received brand new websites that better represent each individual brand personality. Cheyenne’s goal was to create websites that are easy to navigate… Read more »

Cheyenne Cigar Brand Releases New Sweet Mint

Grover, NC (March 5, 2018) – Cheyenne International announced the release of its Cheyenne Sweet Mint Cigar this month. Debuting at the Convenience Distribution Marketplace in Orlando, Florida, the addition generated a great deal of excitement and interest from buyers. For over a decade, Cheyenne Cigars have reigned supreme in the filtered cigar category by… Read more »

Cheyenne International Releases New Corporate Logo

Cheyenne New Logo

After 15 successful years in business, Cheyenne International is getting its first ever makeover. Refreshed and revamped, the corporate logo has undergone a transformation to encompass the rise and success of the company. “When looking ahead to our future, we wanted a logo that was representative of who we are now. We’ve come a long… Read more »

Celebrating 15 Successful Years in Business!

15 Years in Business

It’s a special year for Cheyenne International as we celebrate the 15th anniversary of opening our doors for business. The company was founded in 2002 and has since grown from a four person operation to a thriving entity employing a nationwide sales force and many of the local residents here in the surrounding area of… Read more »

Cheyenne Cigar Brand Releases Strawberry SKU

Cheyenne Strawberry Cigars

Grover, NC (February 1, 2017) – Cheyenne International announced today the release of Strawberry 100’s to the Cheyenne Cigar brand lineup. New to the field, Strawberry is made at the company’s manufacturing facility in Grover, NC and joins 11 other styles in the brands roster. The new SKU will be debuted at the 2017 Convenience… Read more »

Operation THX Comes to a Close

Operation THX Ends

Cheyenne initiated the B2C campaign, Operation THX, on Cheyenne brand websites on Independence Day and since then, thousands of adult consumers and proud Americans have commemorated veterans by posting pictures to raise money for a veteran association. We’re happy to announce that we’ve raised $5,000 with the Operation THX campaign! You read that right! Loyal Cheyenne brand… Read more »

Cheyenne Tropical Cigars are Here to Stay

Tropical Cigars are here to stay

Since their February 2016 debut, Cheyenne Tropical Cigars have been riding the wave of success. In late 2015, the style was chosen as the brands first line extension in the “Save Your Fave” campaign.  Just a couple of months later, Tropical debuted at the 2016 TPE Show and was awarded “Best New Product” for innovation,… Read more »

Operation THX

Operation THX

There are over 22 million military veterans in America. In addition to the millions of veterans, there are over a million active and reserve service members protecting our country’s liberty daily. But out of the millions of service men and women in America, there are only a few days in the calendar year designated to… Read more »