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What Changes We Expect When Physical Trade Shows Are Back

  The impacts of the coronavirus outbreak drastically altered the business landscape that we once knew. In-person trade shows, conventions, and conferences came to a screeching halt with the threat to our global health and we saw virtual meetings become the new norm. While everyone probably has Zoom® downloaded on their computers at this point,… Read more »

People Build Relationships, But Digital Marketing Fills the Gaps

  During these past few years, we’ve seen how the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have drastically influenced the way businesses operate day to day. As in-person visits have diminished and face-to-face interactions are harder to come by, more and more businesses are tapping into the opportunities the digital world offers in order to reach… Read more »

Do Loyalty Programs Work?

  Everyone loves rewards – it’s a fact. When you graduated college, you wanted a diploma. When you made a big sale at work, you wanted a bonus. The psychology behind rewarding individuals for their appropriate input has been used as an incentive to motivate personal behavior for decades. Realizing the benefit of rewards, companies… Read more »

Why You Should Vote in Every State and Local Election

  In 2002, a Connecticut state House seat was determined by exactly a one vote difference. In 2006, a Democratic primary for an Alaska state House seat was decided on by a coin toss to break a tie. In 2018, the Democratic primary for Baltimore County executive was won by just 17 votes.[1] Throughout history,… Read more »

Consistent Branding Builds Loyalty

  We all crave consistency in our daily lives. It’s a fact. When you walk into the grocery store, you want your favorite coffee grounds to be stocked and stored at the same place they were during your last visit. When you open your camera roll, you want the last pictures you took on your… Read more »

Building Your Relationships in Every Step of the Supply Chain

  Communication is an essential aspect of everyday life. Whether it’s in our personal or professional life, we must be able to build and sustain a cluster of different types of relationships in order to navigate successfully through life. In knowing this, the most fruitful businesses make it a priority to manage and sustain their… Read more »

Importance of Employee Retention

After the coronavirus pandemic hit in February 2020, we saw the labor market flip upside down as the unemployment rate hit record highs and millions were left without work. Now, a year later, the job market is INTENSE as there is an extreme demand of capable individuals searching for employment left and right. This current… Read more »

Communicating with Consumers Through Email

Thanks to the Digital Age in which we live, businesses now have the opportunity to reach their customers through a variety of different online platforms and channels. With just a few clicks of a mouse, you can now easily connect and engage with your existing, and prospect, customers at a more personal and meaningful level… Read more »

Effective Ways That Distributors Communicate to Their Retailers

Active communication with your retail partners is an essential part of maintaining prosperous and long-term business relationships. With so many competitive players in the market, retailers rely on you to stay up to date on inventory trends, hot new products and special promotions running within your warehouse on a constant basis. Both parties in the… Read more »

How COVID-19 has Affected the Tobacco Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an effect on nearly every person across the globe. Virtually all businesses have been affected, whether it’s the financial, service, convenience store, travel or CPG industry. The tobacco industry is no exception. While the tobacco business is somewhat resilient through the ups and downs of the economy, we have seen… Read more »