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Building Your Relationships in Every Step of the Supply Chain

  Communication is an essential aspect of everyday life. Whether it’s in our personal or professional life, we must be able to build and sustain a cluster of different types of relationships in order to navigate successfully through life. In knowing this, the most fruitful businesses make it a priority to manage and sustain their… Read more »

Importance of Employee Retention

After the coronavirus pandemic hit in February 2020, we saw the labor market flip upside down as the unemployment rate hit record highs and millions were left without work. Now, a year later, the job market is INTENSE as there is an extreme demand of capable individuals searching for employment left and right. This current… Read more »

Communicating with Consumers Through Email

Thanks to the Digital Age in which we live, businesses now have the opportunity to reach their customers through a variety of different online platforms and channels. With just a few clicks of a mouse, you can now easily connect and engage with your existing, and prospect, customers at a more personal and meaningful level… Read more »

Effective Ways That Distributors Communicate to Their Retailers

Active communication with your retail partners is an essential part of maintaining prosperous and long-term business relationships. With so many competitive players in the market, retailers rely on you to stay up to date on inventory trends, hot new products and special promotions running within your warehouse on a constant basis. Both parties in the… Read more »

How COVID-19 has Affected the Tobacco Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an effect on nearly every person across the globe. Virtually all businesses have been affected, whether it’s the financial, service, convenience store, travel or CPG industry. The tobacco industry is no exception. While the tobacco business is somewhat resilient through the ups and downs of the economy, we have seen… Read more »

Adapting Quickly to the Unexpected

As we’ve seen in the past year, the unexpected happens. As much as you can try to prepare for dodging road blocks and setbacks that may occur, unforeseen circumstances have the ability to undermine even the most well thought out strategies and plans. Successful companies know that in order to survive in the long run… Read more »

Creating Long-Term Goals

Canadian educator and management theorist, Laurence J. Peter, once stated, “If you don’t know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else.” How often do you find yourself wrapped up in producing results in the moment that you lose sight of the bigger picture ahead? As businesses grow, professional and personal aspirations… Read more »

Cheyenne Named 2021 Category Captain

For the second year in a row, Cheyenne International has been named Category Captain – OTP Cigars by Convenience Store News. The accolade was announced last week as Cheyenne joins fifteen other companies leading the market and partnering with retail customers to create success. The 2021 winners were selected based on several factors including product… Read more »

Weather and How It Affects the Supply Chain

  Prepare for the unexpected. A saying in business that is all too easy to roll off the tongue but much harder to execute. With the winter months in full force, extreme weather conditions have shown their ability to agitate and disrupt even the strongest of supply chains. Though weather conditions cannot be controlled, businesses… Read more »

Product Fads: Should You Buy In?

  What exactly is a fad? Fads are considered to be objects or behaviors that achieve high popularity when they are first introduced but are often times short-lived once the perception of novelty is gone. Think about Hula-hoop®, a classic example of a product fad. When the product first hit the market in 1958, an… Read more »