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Upselling Techniques

Are your sales looking a little flat at the end of each month? If the answer is yes, you’re likely looking at several different avenues to get those sales back up. Marketing or advertising may be your first thought but one of the easiest ways to get a little lift is through an upsell. The… Read more »

15 Years of Cheyenne Cigars

Fifteen years ago, Cheyenne International launched a brand called Cheyenne Little Cigars. What is now commonly known as a filtered cigar or little cigar across the industry was virtually unknown back then. Entering the filtered cigar category in 2004 wasn’t spurred from a spike in sales in the category. It was actually quite the opposite…. Read more »

Boost Your Employee Morale

Your employees can be your best asset or your biggest liability when it comes to operating your business and communicating your brand message. There are many theories out there on how to make employees happy, but we’ll be sharing a few ideas that you can implement today in the wholesale and retail segment. To truly… Read more »

Merchandising Helps You Stand Out Among the Rest

In a world where consumers have boundless choices on where they purchase their tobacco products, your store has to stand out. But how? While there are many ways to rise to the top, the easiest tactic to tackle is merchandising. By the time you’re done reading this, you’ll have takeaways that will allow you to… Read more »

What It Takes To Be a Leader

Being a leader. The prime position, the best in class, the one to beat. Sitting at the top of the heap is a good feeling, but it doesn’t just happen by chance. Whether born or bred, there are several things a leader can do to excel at their craft. At Cheyenne International, we take pride… Read more »

Managing Regulatory Changes that Affect your Store

In a time when seemingly everything is being regulated or taxed by the government, it can add a layer of complexity to your business. Not only do you have to be informed, but you have to stay diligent to make sure you’re compliant with everything that’s required. Complying with regulations doesn’t necessarily churn out the… Read more »

Great Service is Key to Repeat Customers

In the retail environment, competition is everywhere. From the business down the block to online entrants, consumers have a lot of options. Your store should be the one to beat. How do you make sure you stand out in the crowd? By delivering great service. While we’ve heard for years that chivalry is dead, one… Read more »

3 Retail Mistakes You Never Want to Make

As a Retail Store Owner or Manager, making decisions is part of your job. Some decisions are easy while some are a bit more complex. When all those decisions fall on your shoulders, it can be easy to get overwhelmed at times. What is critical in moments like that though is the ability to see… Read more »

A Day in the Life at Cheyenne International

Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes and you’ll understand who they are. We invite you to take a look at a day in the life of a Cheyenne employee. Sure we get a lot done, but we’re also normal people just like you who try to have a little fun along the way. 7AM:… Read more »

The Myth, The Legend, The Beginning

How and why would someone enter the tobacco business? This might even be a question you ask yourself on the tough days. What with all the regulation, profit margins and huge competition being hurled at you on a daily basis, the decision is not for the faint of heart. But as the old saying goes,… Read more »