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What Is the Difference Between a Boss and a Leader?

The words “boss” and “leader” are often used synonymously with one another, but they are far from the same. While anyone in a position of power can be deemed a boss, not every boss knows how to be a leader. A boss is a specific title – these positions give an individual power to give… Read more »

Why Compliance Is So Important

Compliance is an essential aspect of any industry, and the tobacco industry is no exception. To protect public health and limit the negative effects of tobacco use, the tobacco industry is heavily regulated by the government, and compliance is critical in ensuring that all laws and regulations are followed to the letter. Non-compliance with tobacco… Read more »

Illicit Tobacco Trade…What Could the Future Hold

As we’ve seen throughout history, prohibition doesn’t work. When the Volstead Act went into effect back in 1920, otherwise known as the National Prohibition Act, the manufacturing, importation, sale, and transport of alcohol was deemed illegal throughout the United States. Conversely, this led to a period known as the “Roaring 20’s” which, despite the thrill… Read more »

Cheyenne Cigars Takes Home Fifth Category Captain Win

We’ve done it again! We are thrilled to announce that Cheyenne Cigars has been named the 2024 OTP/Cigars Category Captain by Convenience Store News for the fifth consecutive year! This competition recognizes overall excellence in innovation and creative and profit-generating category management platforms. Awards are presented in 21 different categories, such as candy and snacks,… Read more »

Expert Interview: How To Improve Tobacco Sales

With over 40 years of experience in the tobacco industry, we sat down with Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Cheyenne International, Ernie Teague, to pick his brain on the latest market trends and insights expected to impact convenience store tobacco profits throughout the upcoming year. As the tobacco industry continues to evolve at… Read more »

Our 2024 CDA Marketplace Takeaways

Dedicated to convenience wholesalers, CDMarketplace is a must-attend event for the Cheyenne International team as it brings the industry’s top suppliers and trading partners together for a jam-packed three days of engaging networking opportunities, distributor-focused education sessions, and a high-traffic trade show. This year’s conference took place in the sunshine state of Florida, where calm… Read more »

How to Capitalize on Customer Feedback

Customer loyalty isn’t given, it’s earned. Consumers today want to feel engaged and connected with the brands they interact with and positive customer experiences play a heavy role in retention and long-term sales. With over 92% of consumers relying on reviews before making a purchase, obtaining first-hand information about your brand from your customers is… Read more »

Great Industry Resources for Retailers

They say knowledge is power and in the convoluted world of tobacco, that sentiment could not ring more true. As the regulatory environment within the tobacco industry is constantly evolving and growing increasingly more complex by the day, staying informed on the latest compliance and regulatory guidelines is a necessary action for retailers to protect… Read more »

Benefits of a Private Label

Private label products are making a comeback and research shows they’re not going anywhere, anytime soon. Commonly referred to as “generic”, private label products are anything but. Known for their attractive price point, private label brands are associated with a particular store chain and are a common way to generate hefty financial returns for business… Read more »

Ways to Show Your Business’s Support of a Charity Around the Holidays

The holidays are quickly approaching which means the season of caroling, decorating, gift wrapping, and expedited shipping is upon us! The holiday season can go by in a blur and before you can even finish the eggnog, it’s a new year. While the most wonderful time of the year can also be the most overwhelming… Read more »